Perhaps the best Melbourne “underground” skate location ever, was discovered some time during 1984  and continued Melbourne’s strong tradition for pipe riding. 

The Werribee pipes have actually been pretty well documented, and even cut it for a road trip article in Transworld Skateboarding during ’85, written by Sydney skaters Adrian Jones, John Fox and David Mock.

I have no idea who first discovered this perfect 16 foot diameter pipeline, but it saw some awesome sessions over several years as the pipeline’s construction slowly progressed. To my knowledge, it was never a bust, and it’s only real drawback was the fine concrete dust which got into your every orifice the moment your wheels disturbed the surface.  

All the early sessions included the open faced “Baldy sections”, whilst the later shots from Werribee only show an uninterrupted conventional pipeline.  

The open vert sections added another dimension to the standard down the line/max height nature of pipe riding. 

The surface was smoothly molded and essentially perfect, about the only flaws being a slight ledge on some of the Baldy sections where the transition met the flat vert. 

Russell Morrison ruled at Werribee (as the photos attest) and his light-footed frontside style consistently took him close to the 10 o’clock mark, and 4 to 5 feet up the flat vert. 

Andrew Tennant and Tony Mead were also apparently high liners at Werribee, although I never saw either them or the Sydney guys there myself. 

I’m sure there must be a ton of other classic Werribee shots out there, and I’d love to see more if anybody’s got some stashed away. 

I believe Werribee was still being sessioned as late as 1987, but by that stage, the growing number of council ramps had taken the limelight. 

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