Paul Postma - Parkdale Comp

photo: Gary McNeil

Spurred on by design advances such as the grippy urethane wheel skateboarding swiftly evolved through the latter half of the 70’s, from flatland craze into a gravity defying, highly technical “action sport.”

By 1980, surf related skating had been consigned to the past, and a flurry of new 3rd generation tricks were to push the limits head high above coping, or upside down.

As usual, things back here in the far flung antipodes weren't so shiny and neat. 


Instead of smooth Blue tile lounge skatepark pools, we had mammoth, misshapen council gorges. Being all we had to work with, the locals were forced to adapt. Even the worst of these kink pits  was sessioned heavily and eventually mastered.

Just when it seemed set to explode , the U.S. based skate media collapsed, almost overnight. Skateparks closed up shop en masse due to lame, cry baby

insurance claims, and “action sports” suddenly meant roller skating, BMX and even horse riding…..

The core group were unconvinced, but that didn’t stop skateboarding from basically disappearing for the next 5 years. Slowly but surely, an underground-swell was emerging, and  backyard ramps would carry the baton through the mid 80’s.

Victorian skating was about to explode, all over again.....