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Hi, I'm Noel Forsyth from Victoria, Australia.


These pages are my personal account of embryonic years in Victoria's Skate History spanning 1974 to 1985.


Thanks for taking the time to have a look.





 Noel Forsyth - Melbourne, Australia.

In the decade spanning the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s, skating’s popularity ebbed and flowed, from widespread craze to virtual extinction. A handful of the most dedicated skaters kept riding throughout, despite zero sponsorship, the lack of much in the way of suitable terrain and a non existent competition scene.

The details have been largely forgotten over the years, lost to time and the lack of virtually any documentation, other than a few news articles and the skater’s own personal photo albums. It had always been my opinion that the tiny skate scene of the time was actually quite important, so I generally tried to snag the best photos to record the skate spots and riders. Initially, at least, I pretty much ended up with an album full of me, partly from ego, but mostly because everyone generally got to keep the pics of themselves.


Special thanks to my brother Tony for single handedly getting Skate History V1 up and running.

More recent thanks to Jennifer Ross who never let me forget there was a job to do and provided all the impetus for Skate History V2. 

Thanks also to anyone who let me scan their personal albums or e-mailed me their photos.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who's given me encouragement over the last decade or so with their kind comments and input.

Photo Credits

Merv ( Martin Rowley) 

John Foxx

Vivian Baddeley

Neil Durran

Ted Bainbridge and Peninsula Surf Shop

Steve Gourlay

Jimi Hocking

Peter Bradford

Evan Gree