A Skate History of Victoria
A History of Victorian Skateboarding
from Clay Wheels to the Pro Era
Backyard ramps and the search for uncharted terrain - 1978

Part 3 - Chapter 6

At about this time, Greene’s pool became known to a privileged few friends, a tight but fully rideable right hand kidney pool, a bit over 8 feet deep with maybe 3 feet of transition in the better spots. Brothers Andrew and Evan Green were well known to those of us that traded in recently imported skate product- they had a virtually constant flow of up to date skate equipment coming in from the States.

The fact that they were willing to let a few friends skate the family backyard pool was something of a surprise, but one we definitely made the most of. Early attempts at skating Greene’s were hampered by the positioning of the ladder, slightly blocking the goofy foot entry line to the bowl, but it was quickly discarded once the “invite only” sessioning commenced.

As expected , Wedge pretty much ruled the place. Glenn Gustke was alone in being able to work “forever” kickturns across the bowl ,and John McGrath could wheel the love seat and pull freefall backide airs on the face wall. The rest of us were content to carve tiles or even clip the masonite cover which plugged the death box. One great session I was at was attended by three of Adelaide’s top riders, over to check out the larger Melbourne scene. These guys were definitely good skaters , but definitely weren’t in the same league as Wedge or Glen.

Getting to skate at Greene’s was something of a task in itself, often requiring a series of shmoozing phone calls and a bit of greasing in preparation.

Although only a handful of local skaters ever got to ride Greene’s during the late 70’s, the pool came to the fore in 1989 , when Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain, Jeff Grosso and Sergie Ventura dropped by to session during one of the big Hardcore pro tours.

When I got there, Christian was just carving tiles and Sergie was bitching about his heels hurting from bailing onto the tight transitions. I smugly told them that their current high lines had been easily beaten by a bunch of Melbourne skaters over 10 years earlier, and Evan Greene showed them some of the abundant photographic evidence.

This was enough prompting for them to really pull out the stops and show some bona fide “skate legend” ability. Inside an hour, Christian was throwing frontside canyons across the love seat and Lance was slash grinding the face wall. Very solid skating indeed, (see the photos from 540 mag included here) but sadly probably one of the last times this pool was ever ridden.

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Evan Green - Greene's pool
Greene's pool - 89 Pro session overview Glenn - Greene's pool Glenn - Greene's pool - kickturn on tiles Glenn - Greene's pool - kickturn on tiles
Greene's pool - hosoi air Greene's pool - hosoi grinder Greene's pool - John McGrath grinder Greene's pool - Lance slash Greene's pool - Lance tailtap
Greene's pool - Noel Forsyth carve Greene's pool - Noel F into death box Greene's pool - Glenn wedge and Noel F Greene's pool - wedge BS kick on tiles  

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